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The Israel Branch of ICRF – Israel Cancer Research Fund, headquartered in New York.
For forty years ICRF has been raising funds solely for the support of Israeli cancer researchers working in Israel.

About ICRF

2115 Grants

Since its inception ICRF has awarded 2115 grants to Israeli researchers totalling more than $52,000,000.

For forty years ICRF has been funding a substantial share of Israel’s cancer research program, conducted by outstanding Israeli scientists in the country’s leading research centers, hospitals and universities.

Grants are awarded exclusively for research – deduction for institutional overheads and contingencies are prohibited. ICRF applicants represent the finest minds in Israel’s scientific community.

Applications are evaluated by an independent peer review panel and strict guidelines are followed to ensure fairness and impartiality. The Scientific Review Panel comprises two committees of

internationally renowned cancer researchers from the United States and Canada. ICRF funding plays a crucial part in the reversal of Israel’s serious “brain drain”. To date many ICRF awardees have been instrumental in the development of major cancer research breakthroughs, winning prestigious international recognition including the Nobel Prize.

  • 7,000,000

    People die from cancer every year

  • 24,000,000

    People are living with
    cancer at this moment

  • $52,000,000

    Awarded to more than
    2000 scientists to date

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ICRF Israel Leadership

  • Leah Susskind began her association with ICRF-New York in 1978 serving in various voluntary roles for many years. She established the Israel branch of ICRF in 1998 serving as Chairwoman for many years and now serves as President of ICRF-Israel.

  • Tamir Gilat. Businessman & lawyer (Tel Aviv Uni) and EMBA  gratuated (Kellogg). Formerly goalkeeper for the Maccabi TA Football team. Today serves as VP of the Israel Football Ass.  Since being diagnosed with cancer has committed himself to serving society and in 2014 was appointed Chairman of ICRF Israel.

  • Adv. Ruth Barak is a member of the Israel Bar Association and specializes in the subject of tender law. She has served on the Board of ICRF Jerusalem for more than a decade.

  • Prof. Yishai Beer is professor of law at IDC and a Major General (ret.) in the Israel Defense Forces.

    Prof. Beer was elected to the Board of ICRF-Israel in 2013.

  • Professor Shimon Glick was Professor of Medicine and founding Chairman of the Division of Medicine at the Ben Gurion University Faculty of Health Sciences iwhere he subsequently served as Dean.

  • Andrea Golstein, Manager

  • Adv. Ayala Zer

  • Adv. Jacob Tor

  • Shoni Pomerantz, Treasurer

  • 2115 Grants
  • Advances in Research
  • 52 Million Dollars
  • Nobel Prizes
  • Excellent brainpower
  • Life saving discoveries
Applications graded by independent peer review Funding for Cancer Research in Israel Fund raising for grants
  • Establishment of the Gesher Award in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Space to enable Israeli scientists abroad to return home and carry out their research in Israel
  • Cooperation with leading Israeli research centers which provide exemplary research facilities for Israel’s cancer researchers.
  • Cooperation with Israeli Business partners who understand the significance of promoting cancer research in Israel

Outstanding Achievements assisted by ICRF Funding

  • Professors Avraham Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover of the Technion, received the “Nobel Prize in Chemistry” in 2004, for the ground-breaking discovery of the Ubiquitin System, the body’s method of removing damaged proteins.

  • Gleevec – the first drug to directly target cancer cells, was developed based on the research work of ICRF awardee,

    Prof. Eli Canaani, Weizmann Institute of Science.

  • Doxil – the first drug encapsulated in a liposome (or microscopic fat bubble) for direct delivery to a tumor site, was developed by ICRF awardee,

    Prof. Alberto Gabizon, Shaare Zedek Medical Center together with Prof.  Yechezkel Barenholz, Hebrew University

  • The p53 gene was originally thought to cause cancer Prof. Moshe Oren, and Prof. Varda Rotter of the Weizmann Institute of Science, correctly identified its role as a tumor suppressor.

  • DNA Methylation – Pioneering work in this area was performed by ICRF Professor Prof. Howard Cedar, Hebrew University/Hadassah Medical School Israel Prize, Wolf Prize, Emet Prize and Rothschild Prize Laureate

  • The RAD51 Gene – The discovery that a minor mutation in this gene increases the risk of breast cancer in women with the BRCA2 gene mutation was made by ICRF awardee Prof.. Ephrat Levy-Lahad, Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

  • A novel bone marrow transplant technique  to greatly expand the donor pool for leukemia treatment, was developed by ICRF awardee,

    Dr. Yair Reisner, Weizmann Institute of Science.


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